Dr. Allan R. Handysides

is the World Health Ministry Director of the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Dr. Handysides was born in the United Kingdom of a pastor’s family in the 1940s, and was educated at Cape Town and Edinburgh Universities, graduating as a medical doctor. He then specialized in Pediatrics in Toronto, Canada and obtained the FRCPC degree, an academic teaching degree.

A couple of years later he specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology, also at the University of Toronto; then he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Obstetrics and Gynecology (a specialty certification, not a degree). He practiced in Toronto, teaching at the University Children's Hospital in Pediatrics, and then later in OB/GYN. He worked at the Branson Adventist Hospital.

Dr. Handysides served nearly 8 years in Africa, as Medical Director at Maluti Adventist Hospital, and thereafter as the Director of Health ministry of the Trans-Africa Division, then the Eastern Africa Division, before returning to practice at Branson, where he was head of OB/GYN. From that posting, he came to the General Conference as the Director of Health Ministry in 1998.

Dr. Peter Landless

is the Executive Director of the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (ICPA), and an associate director in the General Conference Health Ministries Department. He is originally from South Africa, where he was in academic and private practice as a clinical cardiologist. He has been actively involved in medical mission work, either directly or administratively, his entire career. He was head of the coronary care unit at the Johannesburg Hospital, and also the director of Nuclear Cardiology for the University teaching hospitals. He has a keen desire to address the growing problems of alcohol and other drugs worldwide, especially among the youth. He has spoken at many international meetings on this subject. He has a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, and has been honored academically and during his military service. 

His wife, Rosalind, is a software engineer.  He has two daughters who are in health and allied health professions–music therapy, occupational therapy.  His passion is the blended ministry–the recognition and practice of spirituality in health.

 Dr. Med. Zeno L. Charles-Marcel

El Dr. Med. Zeno L. Charles-Marcel estudió Biofísica en la Universidad de McGill en Montreal, Canadá. Posteriormente ingresó a la Universidad de Howard, en el área de Zoología, como miembro del Programa de Honor; y  donde obtuvo el título de Médico-Cirujano.

El Dr. Charles-Marcel cuenta con la Certificación Oficial del Consejo Americano de Medicina Interna, a la cual se ha añadido la certificación en la especialidad de Medicina Geriátrica.

Sus áreas de investigación e intereses académicos son la Medicina Preventiva, la Salud Comunitaria, el Estilo de Vida y el Síndrome X, incluyendo: Pre-Diabetes, Hipertensión, Enfermedades de las Arterias Coronarias, Obesidad, Dislipidemias, y la Diabetes Mellitus y sus complicaciones.

Fue Director Médico del Centro de Estilo de Vida de América (Lifestyle Center of America) en Oklahoma, EE.UU. donde aún sirve como consejero y conferencista. El Dr. Charles-Marcel fue pionero en el desarrollo del primer programa académico formal sobre el estilo de vida en la medicina.  Durante sus 10 años como líder en salud en la Universidad de Montemorelos, Dios le permitió formar un equipo de personal de salud que tuve el privilegio de compartir el mensaje Pro-salud en maneras muy novedosas y efectivas en la comunidad local con reconocimiento municipal, estatal, nacional e internacional.

Hasta recientemente fue el Director de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de Montemorelos, Director Ejecutivo del Hospital “La Carlota” en Montemorelos, Nuevo León, México, donde servía como misionero de la Asociación General junto con su esposa, Anita, y sus tres hijos.  Es  Profesor Catedrático de Medicina de la Universidad de Loma Linda, y en la universidad de Montemorelos y actualmente sirve en el Centro de Vida sana y Hospital de Wildwood en Georgia, EEUU. 


Dr. Fred Hardinge


Kathleen Kiem Hoa Oey Kuntaraf MD, MPH

Kathleen Kuntaraf was called to work at the World Headquarters of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Silver Spring, MD, as an Associate Director for Prevention in 1995. She has promoted, coordinated  numerous comprehensive drug prevention training workshops and seminars in various places including India, Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, Port au Prince, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mongolia, South Africa, China and the US. She and her husband, Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, have also conducted Evangelistic Campaigns in various places including Indonesia, Africa, India, US and Netherlands, using the integrated method, approaching the listeners in a wholistic way. Being a lady, she has been called numerous times to be involved in the Women’s Ministries at the General Conference level as well as at the division level, giving healthy lifestyle presentations.

Prior to her current position, Kathleen had worked in Medan Adventist Hospital and Bandung Adventist Hospital until the year 1987. She and her husband, son and daughter moved to Singapore where she was given a new responsibility of being the Assistant Director for ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) and then a full time Director for the Health Department of the Far Eastern Division of SDAs.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez 

Angel Manuel Rodríguez, TH.D., is the recently retired Director of the Biblical Research Institute. He was elected as Director of the Institute beginning January 1, 2002 until his retirement in June 2011. He also served as an associate director beginning in 1992.  Born in Puerto Rico, he has served as president of Antillian College and academic vice president of Southwestern Adventist University.  He is a member of the American Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.  He is the author of several books and has a monthly column in Adventist World.


Dr. Elie S. Honoré 

Elie S Honoré MD, MPH, MHA, graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1969 from the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the State University of Haiti and completed a two-year specialty in Obstetric-Gynecology in August 1971.  He earned in 1985 a Master’s degree in Public Health, MPH, from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda California, and in 1999, a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration, MHA, from the same institution.

He entered denominational service as physician at the Adventist Polyclinic of Haiti, (1970-1972), then was appointed medical director (1972-1976), and he became one of the first administrators of the newly built Adventist hospital of Haiti (1982-1985).  During that same period, from 1973-1986, he also served as Health and Temperance director of the Franco-Haitian Union.  From there, he was called to serve as Medical Director of the Davis Memorial Adventist Hospital in Guyana (1986-1990). From 1990 to 2010, he was the Health Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division of SDA. Throughout the years, he has worked untiringly, organizing and supporting Adventist health professionals associations throughout the division territory, with the purpose of spreading an integral health message both inside and outside the church, in order to help our members and the community to glorify God in their body, mind and soul, while adding years to their life and life to their years… He was ordained minister of the gospel in April 2003.

Since June 2010, he has been appointed president of the Adventist Healthcare Services Inter-America, (AHSIA), an association of all the healthcare institutions of the Inter-American Division territory, fourteen (14) hospitals and twenty-one clinics.

Dr. Honoré has always been during his fertile ministry, passionately involved in the process of improving every aspect of the mission and operations of our healthcare institutions.



Antulio Espinoza Chávez


El pastor Antulio Espinoza Chávez es originario de Mexicali B.C. México.
Graduado de Teología en la Universidad de Montemorelos, con una Maestría en Relaciones Familiares. Es el director del Departamento de Salud de la Unión Mexicana del Norte, y el creador del programa Quiero Vivir Sano para niños y adultos.

 Dr. Tricia Penniecook  

Dr. Tricia Penniecook studied Medicine and Public Health in Montemorelos University, Mexico.  She worked for five years in her country of origin, Costa Rica, in the Ministry of Health as County Health Director, State Epidemiologist, State Health Director and Adviser to the Minister of Health for the Atlantic Region.  She later returned to her Alma Mater to coordinate the Master’s in Public Health programs, and to infect medical students with her passion for public health.  A little over five years ago she was invited to join LLU’s School of Public Health as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; her most important responsibility has been coordinating the self-study process in preparation for the school’s accreditation, which resulted in a full-term seven year accreditation by the Council of Education for Public Health (CEPH).  Based on the recommendation from the Search Committee appointed for that purpose, the Board of Trustees confirmed her appointment as Dean of the School of Public Health on September 1, 2010.  Her professional passions are the communication of lifestyle principles to new generations in ways that foster health behavior change, access to health services and integration of faith in the teaching and learning of health sciences. 

Prevención del Cancer, Loma Linda University - Archivo de Power Point en ESPAÑOL

The Adventist Health Studies: A contribution to preventive medicine (Loma Linda University) - ENGLISH Power Pont File

Oscar Newbald Robinson


Pastor Newbald is graduated in theology from Colombia Adventist University, Lifestyle Counselor program from Health Institute, Guatemala, and Uchee Pines Institute, Alabama, MPH Loma Linda extension program. 

 Worked as a Pastor in Colombia, then became director of Lifestyle program at Fundación Nuevo Amanecer, a supporting ministry of the SDA Church, and shortly after became the director of that institution in Colombia. Became vice-president for Latin America for Outpost Centers International from 1988-2009.

At present run a small family business of soy yogurt and very engage in developing, promoting and training for the Health Expo programs.

Married to Susana Gomez, have a son, Oscar Jr., and a daughter, Susy, and grandfather to Brittney, Andrew, Pedro, Samuel and another on the way (we do not know if boy or girl as yet). 

Dr. Rafael Eduardo Jaraba Coronado

 El doctor Jaraba es médico general graduado de la Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla, Colombia, especialista en medicina interna del Hospital Israelita de Buenos Aires, Argentina, y subespecialista en medicina crítica y cuidados intensivos de la Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Actualmente es el director de Cuidados Intensivos.